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Linux growing pains
using linux as your main operating system isn't for new pc users, it's recommended for experienced users specialists in computer science or command line. if not careful you can lose access to your computer ie unable to boot up but any decent linux distribution has a recovery tool... and using such tools need to be done with caution. only reason I'm went linux is that windows update kept downloading a malware package to my pc as a fake MSI driver package because MSI got hacked few years back. I've heard of tiny11 but I'm not thrilled of using a 3rd party recreation of windows, if it was possible to permanently disable windows update I'd keep using it but dealing with a looming threat of malware every 35 days was unacceptable however, I've noticed benifits using linux over windows.
  1. full command line control
  2. noticed reduced throttling, able to use majority of my ISP bandwidth vs windows I assume windows gives my isp greater info of my downloads and cooperates in limiting my speed
  3. less common viruses (as long you don't use questionable programs or scripts with root access) A well configured linux system should keep outside attacks to a minimal.
  4. linux has more developers and detailed documentation to solve issues, good for good troubleshooting minded.
  5. reinstalling linux os pretty fast for me to resetup my os takes me 2 hours.

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